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The Jakarta Struts Framework is a popular open source platform for building web applications from top to bottom with Java. While this popularity has led to a wealth of online and in-print documentation, developers still find themselves faced with a number of common tasks that are not clearly and succinctly explained. In these situations, programmers can now turn to the Jakarta Struts Cookbook an amazing collection of code solutions to common--and uncommon--problems encountered when working with the Struts Framework. Among many other recipes, this book explains how to:

  • display data in complex HTML tables

  • use JSP, the JSTL, and JavaScript in your user interface

  • define static and dynamic action forms

  • validate data and respond to errors

  • use Logging, Validation, and Exception Handling

  • integrate Struts with persistence frameworks like Hibernate and iBATIS

This look-up reference is just what today's time-pressed developers need. With solutions to real-world problems just a few page flips away, information is instantly available. And while the book's solutions focus on getting to the point, each recipe's discussion section imparts valuable concept and insight from a Struts veteran. The Jakarta Struts Cookbook is perfect for independent developers, large development teams, and everyone in between who wishes to use the Struts Framework to its fullest potential. Plus, it s completely up-to-date with the latest versions of Framework, so readers can be sure the information is viable.

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