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GNU/Linux is an immensely popular operating system that is bothextremely stable and reliable. But it can also induce minorheadaches at the most inopportune times, if you're not fully up tospeed with its capabilities.

A unique approach to running and administering Linux systems,Linux Annoyances for Geeks addresses the many poorlydocumented and under-appreciated topics that make the differencebetween a system you struggle with and a system you really enjoy.This book is for power users and system administrators who want toclear away barriers to using Linux for themselves and forless-trained users in their organizations.

This book meticulously tells you how to get a stubborn wirelesscard to work under Linux, and reveals little-known sources forwireless driversand information. It tells you how to add extrasecurity to your systems, such as boot passwords, and how to usetools such as rescue disks to overcome overly zealous securitymeasures in a pinch. In every area of desktop and server use, thebook is chock full of advice based on hard-earned experience.

Author Michael Jang has spent many hours trying out software ina wide range of environments and carefully documenting solutionsfor the most popular Linux distributions. (The book focuses on RedHat/Fedora, SUSE, and Debian.) Many of the topics presented hereare previously undocumented or are discussed only in obscure emailarchives.

One of the valuable features of this book for systemadministrators and Linux proponents in general is the organizationof step-by-step procedures that they can customize for naiveend-users at their sites. Jang has taken into account not only theneeds of a sophisticated readership, but the needs of other peoplethose readers may serve.

Sometimes, a small thing for a user (such as being able to playa CD) or for an administrator (such as updating an organizations'systems from a central server) can make or break the adoption ofLinux. This book helps you overcome the most common annoyances indeploying Linux, and trains you in the techniques that will helpyou overcome other problems you find along the way.

In keeping with the spirit of the Annoyances series, the bookadopts a sympathetic tone that will quickly win you over. Ratherthan blaming you for possessing limited Linux savvy, LinuxAnnoyances for Geeks takes you along for a fun-filled ride asyou master the system together.

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Average Rating: 1 out of 5 rating Based on 1 Rating

"Fairly poor book" - by Radek on 18-JAN-2010
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
If this book is targeted on newbies, it would be a good book. Geeks are for sure not the targeted audience for this book.
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