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When an application is part of the Microsoft Office suite, it'ssure to be a leader in its field. In the realm of desktop databasemanagement, Access is top dog with millions of users. But this isone dog that can bite. Although Access is a powerful, relationaltool with the fetching talents of a Labrador, it's not an easybeast to train.

Still, millions of users count on Access for everything frommanaging parts databases to running Web catalogs to working as afront end to mondo SQL databases. But Access is chockablock withannoyances---report hassles, query conundrums, VBA bugs, arcaneerror messages, and more.

O'Reilly's Annoyances series offer real-world help, right now,and Fixing Access Annoyances continues tradition. You'll notonly squash bugs and workaround Access' limits, but you'll learnhow to use Access to the max, whether you're a newbie or a seasonedpro. Coverage includes install/configuration annoyances, buildingbetter tables and queries, creating forms that work right,generating reliable and sophisticated reports, pulling in data froma variety of sources, crafting macros and VBA code to customizeAccess, and much more.

You could grab those other books for help, but do they solveproblems from page one? Meet a book of a different stripe. Theauthors come armed with knowledge of the program's quirks, designhurdles and interface snags. They provide you with battle plans inFixing Access Annoyances to save you time and bouts of hairpulling.

Stop information from spiraling out of control when working withAccess and trying to make this #$@@#$ thing work! Don't let itsquirks, bugs, and troublemaking features beat you. Who you gonnacall for help? Instead of waiting on the line for tech support orsearching for the answer on the Internet with its too manyresources to find exactly what you need, take control of databaseswith Fixing Access Annoyances, your partner on databaseadventures.

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"Best value ~ content" - by Dormaus on 11-JAN-2012
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I've been through *many* access books.  This is perhaps the most valuable one I've come across.  Putting just a few of the recommendations in place will save a tremendous amount of pain.  

Just wish I'd known about it three months ago.

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