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The Juniper Networks routing platforms are becoming the go-tosolution for core, edge, metro and remote office networks, andJUNOS software is behind it all. The operating system is so full ofindustrial-strength routing protocols and IP innovations that thosetreading into the world of JUNOS will need clarification,explanation, and a showcase example or two. Look no further. ThisJUNOS Cookbook provides it all and more.

Yes, you can mine through the 5,000 pages of documentation ortake a two-thousand-dollar training course, but JUNOS'sinterprocess sophistication can be baffling unless you know theshortcuts and tricks, as well as those rays of illuminatingcomprehension that can come only from those who live with it.JUNOS Cookbook is the first comprehensive book about JUNOSsoftware and it provides over 200 time-saving step-by-steptechniques including discussions about the processes andalternative ways to perform the same task. It's been tested andtech-reviewed by field engineers who know how to take JUNOS out fora spin and it's applicable to the entire line of M-, T-, andJ-series routers. JUNOS Cookbook will not only pay foritself the first few times you use it, it will make your networkeasier to manage and update.

"Aviva Garrett has done a tremendous job of distilling the featuresof JUNOS software in a form that will be useful for a wideaudience-students, field engineers, network architects, and othernetworking professionals alike will benefit from this book. Formany people, this is the only book on JUNOS they will need."Pradeep Sindhu, CTO and Founder, Juniper Networks

"This cookbook is superb. Aviva Garrett has masterfullyassembled a complete set of practical real-world examples withstep-by-step instructions. Security, management, routing: it's allhere!" Stephen Gill, Research Fellow, Team Cymru

"A technical time-saver for any NOC or SOC working with JUNOS.It's clear, concise, and informative recipes are are an invaluableresource. " Scott A. McIntyre, Security Officer, XS4ALL InternetB.V

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