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Your vacuum comes with one. Even your blender comes with one. Butyour PC--something that costs a whole lot more and is likely to beused daily and for tasks of far greater importance andcomplexity--doesn't come with a printed manual. Thankfully, that'snot a problem any longer: PCs: The Missing Manual explainseverything you need to know about PCs, both inside and out, and howto keep them running smoothly and working the way you want them towork.

A complete PC manual for both beginners and power users, PCs:The Missing Manual has something for everyone. PC novices willappreciate the unassuming, straightforward tutorials on PC basics,such as hooking up a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, andscanner. Families will enjoy sections on networking severalcomputers to share an Internet connection, sharing one monitorbetween two PCs, connecting portable media players, and creating ahome theater system. Adventurous PC users will like the clearphotos explaining how to take your PC apart and replace or upgradeany failing parts; IT professionals will be grateful to havesomething to hand to their coworkers who need solid, trustedinformation about using their PC.

In PCs: The Missing Manual, bestselling computer authorAndy Rathbone delivers simple, reliable advice on the kinds ofthings PC users confront every day. He shows you how to connect andconfigure today's must-have devices (including digital cameras,portable music players, digital camcorders, and keychain drives);burn CDs and DVDs; scan and fax documents, and more. His section onthe Internet explains how to choose the best Internet ServiceProvider and web browser for your needs; send email; findinformation quickly on the Web; share photos online; set up a blog;set up a webcam; access TV and radio through the Internet; and shopsafely online. And Rathbone delivers plenty of guidance on keepyour privacy and your PC safe by installing firewalls, creatingsafe passwords, running antivirus software, removing spyware andadware, and backing up important files.

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