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Macromedia's Flash 8 is the world's premier program for addinganimation to websites. And with the latest version, this popularprogram becomes more versatile, letting beginning webmasters andexpert developers alike create sophisticated web content. But Flashisn't intuitive. And it doesn't come with a manual. Whether youwant to learn the basics or unleash the program's true power,Flash 8: The Missing Manual is the ideal instructor.

This hands-on guide to today's hottest web design tool is aimedat nondevelopers, and it teaches you how to translate your ideasinto great web content.

It begins with a solid primer on animation, which helps you getcomfortable with the Flash interface. Once you have these basicsunder your belt, Flash 8: The Missing Manual moves on toadvanced animations, including adding special effects and audio,video, and interactivity to your presentations. When you're reallyfeeling steady, the book shows how to use a dollop of ActionScriptto customize your content. It then teaches you how to publish yourFlash creations for web surfers everywhere to enjoy. Along the way,the book shows you good design principles and helps you avoidelements that can distract or annoy an audience.

Author Emily Vander Veer has more than a dozen books to hercredit, including titles on web design and scripting--most writtenfor non-technical readers. Her background makes her the perfectauthor for a straightforward book on a complex subject. She takesFlash 8: The Missing Manual from the basics to the advanced,yet avoids a hasty jump into tough topics that can leave readersconfused.

Not only will Flash 8: The Missing Manual help you turn aconcept into unique, dynamic content, but it will continue to serveas a reference as you develop your website.

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