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The dominant spreadsheet program and one of the most widely usedsoftware applications in the world, Microsoft Excel is unbelievablypowerful--and can be downright intimidating. If you're new to Excelor among the many existing Excel users who are dazed and confusedby all that the program can do (and by how little it has actuallydone for you), Excel for Starter: The Missing Manual is yourideal resource.

For everyone who wants to quickly get up to speed on Excel tocreate, organize, and present household and/or office data andinformation, this smart new guide delivers just the essentials: itconcentrates on the must-have information and the best, mostpractical Excel features that people like you can use to maximizeyour productivity and minimize your spreadsheet confusion andfrustration.

Excel for Starters: The Missing Manual demystifiesspreadsheets and explains how to use them most effectively andefficiently. Clear explanations (with lots of examples),step-by-step instructions, helpful illustrations, and timesavingadvice guide you through all the most common and useful features ofExcel 2002 and 2003--including how to build spreadsheets, add andformat information, print reports, create charts and graphics, anduse basic formulas and functions.

Sure, there are plenty more thorough, more massive Excel bookson the bookstore shelves. But why wade your way through a swamp ofdetails you'll never need--or want--to use? Let author MatthewMacDonald, an educator and software developer who also wrote thehighly popular Excel: The Missing Manual, be your trustedguide as you learn which Excel features will serve you best andwhich are best ignored.

Utterly practical and refreshingly funny, this down-to-earthguide gives you nothing more (and nothing less) than what you needto make Excel do exactly what you want it to do. It's a quick readyou'll want to keep on hand for reference again and again.

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