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Macromedia Flash is fast becoming the Web's most widely usedplatform for creating rich media with animation and motiongraphics, but mastering Flash isn't easy. Most entry-level booksteach through simple examples that concentrate on either animationor scripting, but rarely both together. To get the most from Flash8, you not only need to be proficient in programming/interfacedesign, you need the creativity for story telling and the artisticinsights to design fluid animation.

Flash 8: Projects for Learning Animation andInteractivity teaches Flash design rather than simply Flashitself. With a standalone series of walkthroughs and tutorials forFlash beginners coming from a graphics field, this book teachesFlash in the context of real-world projects. Rather than learn aFlash tool for the sake of it, you learn which areas of Flash areimportant, and which are less used, simply by seeing how typicalcontent is actually created. And rather than a text-heavy approach,this graphically rich book leads you through hands-on examples byillustration.

Each project in the book starts with goals and broad sketchesbefore moving to design and scripting. This helps you understanddesign intent-the why of the process-rather than just learning theinterfaces and the how of it all. Along the way, you'll createFlash content that includes traditional animation techniques (asseen in full-length animated features), and ActionScript-basedinteractive animation, such as custom web site interface designs.You also learn how to combine both traditional animation techniquesand ActionScript to create feature-rich Flash assets from theground up.

Co-authored by educational developers with years of experiencecreating compelling content, interfaces, and applications, Flash8: Projects for Learning Animation and Interactivity offers acontent-driven approach that is also inspiration-driven. You learnbecause you're accomplishing something tangible, not because youthink you need to know how a tool works.

If you want to understand how various features of Flash cometogether to create a final end design, this book provides you withboth the insight and the know-how.

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"Best Flash 8 book so far" - by Brito on 27-OCT-2009
Reviewer Rating: 1 star rating2 star rating3 star rating4 star rating5 star rating
I've tried many books about Flash 8, and this one has a very good balance between theory and practice. Other books tend to make a linear explanation of tools, so you get overwhelmed by information you won't use at the moment you read, and you soon forget. This one presents only the information (sometimes a little more) you'll use at that moment to make the exercises. Besides that, has lots of illustrations that show if you're doing right and has files of the many stages of development of each exercise. Just great, I hope the authors keep the good work.
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