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Everyone knows that Google lets you search billions of webpages. But few people realize that Google also gives you hundredsof cool ways to organize and play with information.

Since we released the last edition of this bestselling book,Google has added many new features and services to its expandinguniverse: Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google BlogSearch, Video Search, Music Search, Google Base, Google Reader, andGoogle Desktop among them. We've found ways to get these newservices to do even more.

The expanded third edition of Google Hacks is abrand-new and infinitely more useful book for this powerful searchengine. You'll not only find dozens of hacks for the new Googleservices, but plenty of updated tips, tricks and scripts forhacking the old ones. Now you can make a Google Earth movie,visualize your web site traffic with Google Analytics, postpictures to your blog with Picasa, or access Gmail in your favoriteemail client. Industrial strength and real-world tested, this newcollection enables you to mine a ton of information within Google'sreach. And have a lot of fun while doing it:

  • Search Google over IM with a Google Talk bot

  • Build a customized Google Map and add it to your own website

  • Cover your searching tracks and take back your browsingprivacy

  • Turn any Google query into an RSS feed that you can monitor inGoogle Reader or the newsreader of your choice

  • Keep tabs on blogs in new, useful ways

  • Turn Gmail into an external hard drive for Windows, Mac, orLinux

  • Beef up your web pages with search, ads, news feeds, andmore

  • Program Google with the Google API and language of yourchoice

For those of you concerned about Google as an emerging BigBrother, this new edition also offers advice and concrete tips forprotecting your privacy. Get into the world of Google and bend itto your will!

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