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Software developers need to work harder and harder to bring valueto their development process in order to build high qualityapplications and remain competitive. Developers can accomplish thisby improving their productivity, quickly solving problems, andwriting better code.

A wealth of open source and free software tools are availablefor developers who want to improve the way they create, build,deploy, and use software. Tools, components, and frameworks existto help developers at every point in the development process.Windows Developer Power Tools offers an encyclopedic guideto more than 170 of these free tools to help developers buildtop-notch Windows software from desktop applications to webservices.

To help you choose the right tools for solving both common anduncommon problems you face each day, this book follows a uniquetask-oriented organization, laying out topics in the same orderthat you and your team are likely to encounter them as you work ona project. Each tool entry features a solid introduction -- a miniuser's guide -- so you can get up to speed quickly and understandhow to best use the tool in your environment. Inside, you'llfind:

  • A guide to more than 170 tools covering 24 unique aspects ofWindows and .NET software development, with many descriptionscontributed by the tools' authors

  • Descriptions of freely available ASP.NET and Windows Formscontrols, object relational mapping systems, testing frameworks,and build and continuous integration tools

  • Articles on tools to help developers troubleshoot misbehavingapplications

  • Guides for utilities to boost productivity in the developmentenvironment as well as speeding up tasks in Windows itself

  • "Quick pick" lists at the start of each chapter to help youfind and choose the right tool for your task

  • "At a Glance" and "In a Nutshell" summaries to help readersmore quickly narrow their options

  • References to an online book site to keep you up-to-date withnew releases and features

  • Forewords by Mike Gunderloy (Larkware) and Scott Hanselman(, operators of the two most populartools sites for Microsoft developers.

Also, plenty of links in each article point you to additionaldetail online if you wish to delve more deeply into features andfunctionality. This one-stop resource covers a wide range of opensource and freeware tools to help you answer questions aroundplanning, developing, testing, and rolling out great software. Bestof all, they're free.

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