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Chapter 10. POD > The POD Template

The POD Template

A POD document has many sections, and remembering them all can be difficult. The technique I use is to start with a template, fill in the sections I need, delete the sections I don’t, and thus get good documentation: (This template is rather long. Cut it down and only use the sections which are relevant to your situation.)


=head1 NAME 

program – a program that does something useful 

=head1 SYNOPSIS 

    program [–x] [–x=<value>] <file> [<file> ...] 


The I<program> does something very useful. 

=head1 OPTIONS 

The I<program> takes the following arguments: 

=over 4 

=item B<–x> 

An option that's just a single letter. 

=item B<–x=>I<value> 

An option that takes a I<value> as an argument. 


Exit values are: 

=over 4 

=item 0 


=item 1 


=item 8 

Bad failure. 


=head1 EXAMPLES 

An example of how to use the program to do something is: 

        program –x –x=foo in_file.txt 

=head1 WARNINGS 

Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean that they aren't out 
to get you. 


Most of the error messages are self explanatory. 


=over 4 

=item I<ENV> 

An environment variable that affects the program. 


=head1 FILES 

=over 4 

=item /tmp/foo.lock 

A lock file used to make sure that we don't try and update 
the database from two programs at the same time. 

=head1 AUTHOR 

A. Writer, E<lt>a.writer@localhostE<gt>. 

=head1 BUGS 

The command I<program> does not exist. 

=head1 SEE ALSO 

L<another_program>, L<yanp> 


Copyright 2001, by Someone at Some Company. 




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