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Chapter 4: Installation > Performing storage subsystem discovery - Pg. 105

Figure 4-45 Sample Storage Modification Time report 4.7 Performing storage subsystem discovery Data Manager uses the Common Information Model/Object Manager (CIM/OM) to interact with storage subsystems. The Data Manager server communicates with the CIM/OM server over an IP network using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. CIM/OMs installed on the same network subnet as the Data Manager server can be automatically discovered. Service Location Protocol (SLP) is used to discover CIM/OMs. Before you can discover the Storage Subsystem you have to install the vendors CIM/OM application on that subsystem or on the agent machine to which this storage is connected. To test connectivity between the Storage Subsystem and the machine on which is installed the CIM/OM application (on this machine you have to install an agent to) use the vendors tools provided for it, for example, the "esscli" command tool to test connectivity with the Enterprise Storage Server (ESS). After checking if there is CIM/OM application installed and if it has connection to storage subsystem you can configure CIM/OM login properties in Data Manager configuration window: 1. Administrative Services Configuration Data Manager CIM/OM Logins 2. Click Create to open the pop-up window which lets you configure CIM/OM login properties. 3. Use the CIM/OM Logins window to enter or edit access information for automatically discovered CIM/OMs or to manually add CIM/OMs. You must provide a valid username and password for each CIM/OM. Chapter 4. Installation 105