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Policy management > Quotas - Pg. 183

You can select one triggering condition only. To alert on more than one condition, you must create more Directory Alerts, with each one containing a single condition for which to monitor and look. Triggering conditions for Directory alerts are: Directory Not Found Directory Consumes More Than n KB, MB, or GB Use the Triggered Action section to specify what actions you want taken when the alert is triggered. See Table 6-11 on page 181. 6.5 Policy management In this section we discuss how to define limits on storage resources. 6.5.1 Quotas To define limits on the amount of storage that a user or a group of users can consume, you have to define Quotas. Quotas allow you to specify limits at three different levels for a user or group of users: The following levels of limits are available: Table 6-12 Available levels of limits Level Filesystem Description Define Quotas for a user or group of users at the filesystem level.