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Administrator Console > UVM passphrase bypass - Pg. 661

To use the console, you have to tell the console where your keys are located. It usually edits the Archive directory for you. Depending on whether you use the system as a stand-alone system or as a part of a roaming profile system, your keys might be located anywhere on the computer. It also depends on where you instructed the system to put them during your installation. In a roaming profile system, look for them in your archive folder. In a stand-alone system, you will probably find them where you put the administrator security keys. As a last resort, you can perform a search for them. The archive private key is named private1.key and the archive public key is named admin.key . 4. Use the Browse buttons to find the path to the keys: ­ Archive directory ­ Archive private key location ­ Archive public key location 5. When you have filled in all the correct information, click List Users. The enrolled users on your system then show up in the Select user box. The following sections detail the different functions you can perform from the Administrator Console and how to use them. Use the appropriate procedure for the task you want to perform. 6.9.1 UVM passphrase bypass