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Installation and configuration scenarios > With exclusion on what items are bac... - Pg. 181

4. After all changes to the TVT.TXT have been made, run the following command: start /WAIT msiexec /i "C:\RNR30\Rescue and Recovery - Client Security Solution.msi" NOCSS=1 /qn REBOOT="R" 2.23.3 With the CSS Wizard not running when new user is created Download the Rescue and Recovery files from the Lenovo Web site: There are two files: Main installation package Predesktop Base 1. Open a command prompt and run the following command: start /wait D:\setup_tvtrnr3_XXX.exe /a /s /v"/qn Targetdir="C:\RNR30"" /w 2. Change D:\ to the drive directory where you downloaded the two files. 3. After the command has completed, copy the zxxxxx.tvt file into the root of C:\RNR30. Because the package has been extracted, you now can make changes to the TVT.TXT. For a full listing of TVT.TXT settings see the ThinkVantage