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Reroute request > Reroute request - Pg. 107

Optionally, specify an alternate client name using the IRM_ARCH value to X'01' and moving the name to IRM_REROUT_NM. If you do not specify an alternate client name, IMS Connect tries to use the value specified for the RRNAME parameter in the IMS Connect configuration member. If you did not set a value for RRNAME, IMS Connect uses the default value "HWS$DEF". Note: Even beginning with HWS, you can use IMS Connector for Java to retrieve the messages queued under HWS$DEF using a dedicated persistent connection. That is an exception to the rule, which states that the HWSxxxxx TIPES can only be queried using the same shareable persisted connection that was used to create the asynchronous output. Chapter 7. IMS Connect programming model 107