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Chapter 17: IMS MFS Web Enablement > Accessing the deployed instance servlet - Pg. 343

15.You should get the message "Application [application name] on server [server name] and node [node name] started successfully," as shown in Figure 17-5. The application status color changes from red to green. Figure 17-5 Application started successfully 17.5 Accessing the deployed instance servlet Before accessing the deployed instance servlet, make sure that your Web server is running. To access the instance servlet: 1. From a Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser, enter the URL of the instance servlet (for example, https://localhost:9080/test/testServlet). If user authentication is on, proceed to step 2; if not, proceed to step 4. 2. Enter your user ID and password. 3. If the user authentication is on the Security Alert prompt opens. Click Yes to indicate that you want to proceed. 4. After WebSphere Application Server authenticates, you are then redirected to the initial Web page. 5. You can now enter your RACF information, command, or transaction request in the same way that you would using a 3270 type terminal. The RACF information displayed defaults to the information specified in the web.xml file. However, you can choose to overwrite the default values. The RACF information is used for creating a connection to IMS Connect. The servlet is timed out in fixed intervals. Make sure that you properly log out to release the connection when you are finished. Chapter 17. IMS MFS Web Enablement 343