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Chapter 2: Open Transaction Manager Acce... > DSNAIMS stored procedure for OTMA C/... - Pg. 29

otma_receive_async Receives unsolicited or queued output from IMS. otma_close Releases the independent transaction session. otma_free Ends the connection with IMS. IMS Version 9 Open Transaction Manager Access Guide and Reference, SC18-7829, further explains these API calls. 2.8 DSNAIMS stored procedure for OTMA C/I access DSNAIMS is a stored procedure that enables DB2 UDB applications to invoke IMS transactions and commands easily, without having to maintain their own connections to IMS. This stored procedure uses the IMS OTMA C/I to connect to IMS and execute the transactions. Figure 2-11 shows the general structure of DSNAIMS stored procedures. When you implement DSNAIMS stored procedure to your DB2 UDB for z/OS environment, you can access an IMS transaction or IMS command by using SQL call interface. WLM TCP /IP DB2 WLMSPAS DSNAIMS IMS CTL