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IMS Connect traces > Formatting incore trace tables - Pg. 148

10.2 IMS Connect traces The IMS Connect traces normally are only used if requested by the IBM support center while analyzing a problem. This section helps you to identify how to process these traces and how to read them in order to provide better information to IBM. The IMS Connect Base Primitive Environment (IMS Connect BPE) is the component that provides the tracing services. 10.2.1 BPE configuration You can enable the IMS Connect traces by updating the IMS Connect startup configuration member, as specified by the BPECFG parameter. See Chapter 4, "Configuring IMS Connect" on page 43 for a description of this member. The following keywords are available for the BPE configuration parameter member: LANG The LANG parameter specifies the language used for IMS Connect BPE and IMS Connect messages. ENU is for U.S. English, which is currently the only supported language. TRCLEV The TRCLEV parameter specifies the trace level for a trace table and, optionally, the number of pages of storage allocated for the trace table. TRCLEV controls the level of tracing (the amount of detail traced) for each specified trace table type. BPE-managed trace tables are areas in storage where IMS Connect BPE, and IMS Connect, can trace diagnostic information about events going on within the address space. Each trace table has a trace table type associated with it. A trace table's type refers to the kind of events