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Remote Database Services > Remote Database Services components - Pg. 430

The Web application that contains your business logic, and is deployed on WebSphere Application Server on a non-z/OS platform, passes database access requests to the IMS distributed JDBC resource adapter provided by IMS Version 9. This resource adapter contains a type 3 JDBC driver. Then, Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) is used between WebSphere Application Server for z/OS and WebSphere Application Server running on another platform. IIOP allows the servers to exchange data, which is securely transferred across the Internet using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The IMS Java-supplied EJB on the z/OS side receives the data through IIOP and then passes request information to the IMS JDBC resource adapter that is deployed on the z/OS platform. The IMS JDBC resource adapter passes data to ODBA, which uses the DRA. 21.4.1 Remote Database Services components IMS Java Remote Database Services is a set of J2EE components that provide remote access to IMS data through IMS ODBA. The client-side and server-side components support retrieval, update, delete, and insert activity to the IMS databases. These requests are sent (transparently to the application) across the network and processed in IMS. This support provides an architected solution that enables Web applications deployed on distributed WebSphere Application Server to issue JDBC calls to access IMS Databases. Client-side component For the client side of the connection, the IMS Java RDS provides an IMS distributed JDBC resource adapter. To condition the distributed WebSphere Application Server for JDBC access to IMS, the IMS JDBC resource adapter must first be installed. This component contains a type 3 JDBC driver that interprets the JDBC request to access and manipulates the IMS data. A type 3 JDBC driver is defined as a standard net-protocol, fully Java technology-enabled driver that translates JDBC API calls into a DBMS-independent net