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Chapter 11: IMS Connect Extensions > Security - Pg. 200

11.5 Security IMS Connect Extensions enhances the security features of IMS Connect. User ID and password validation IMS Connect Extensions performs user ID and password validation by making a call to the installation security system using the standard SAF interface. It creates ACEE structures for each user ID and saves this ACEE control block in a cache. On subsequent calls for the same user ID, password, or PassTicket, group, and application, IMS Connect Extensions does not reissue the security call, instead it uses the ACEE from the cache, which is more efficient. You activate the security using the System Definitions panel. Figure 11-30 shows the fields involved. Figure 11-30 Security fields in System Definitions panel User ID ACEE ageing interval IMS Connect Extensions keeps the ACEEs in the cache for a specific period defined by the Ageing interval on the System Definition panel. The ACEE structure is cleared when this time interval is reached. An ageing interval of 0 minutes indicates that the ACEEs are not deleted