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Chapter 5: Storage virtualization > IT storage architectural directions - Pg. 80

5.2 IT storage architectural directions Next, we describe the architectural influences and standards that drive the IBM TotalStorage Software vision. Many contemporary authors state that storage has become a commodity. People want to be able to simply use storage without limitations or worries, to completely disregard its whereabouts and management, yet they always want to be sure of its abundance and availability. At the same time, storage costs have been steadily decreasing, and people have been implementing new ways of connecting storage devices. The volume of data storage required in daily life and business has exploded. Each year capacity is growing by over 50% and hardware cost is decreasing by approximately 30%, but availability requirements are approaching 100%. See Figure 5-9. Users are mobile, access patterns are unpredictable, and the content of data is more interactive. IBM TotalStorage 120 100 80 60 Storage Growth Hardware