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Chapter 2: WebSphere Message Broker overview > Application integration - Pg. 16

2.1 Application integration Application integration at a high level refers to solutions implemented to integrate software applications within and between organizations. Historically, application integration has been concerned with the integration of software applications between different departments and divisions within companies, or new acquisitions. Often these applications vary considerably across departments in an organization, existing on different platforms, written in different programming languages, and using different data formats. Integrating the applications is a more practical and cost-effective solution than the alternative of rewriting the existing applications. Application integration is now considered to be important in enabling flexibility within organizations to be able to respond to shifting marketplace demands to create an on demand business. Organizations increasingly should be able to connect to suppliers, business partners, and customers, as well as within their own organizations. The advantages of an application integration solution include the notion of future proofing , enabling new applications and standards to be easily plugged into the existing architecture. Application integration is a big challenge for enterprises. IBM provides a number of software solutions and offerings to assist companies with integrating their applications. WebSphere Message Broker is an important part of these solutions;