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WebSphere Message Broker > Capabilities of WebSphere Message Broker - Pg. 20

WebSphere Message Broker WebSphere Message Broker contains all the functionalities of WebSphere Event Broker and includes additional capabilities to enable storage, transformation, and enrichment of data flowing through the broker. The detailed capabilities of the product described in 2.2.2, "Capabilities of WebSphere Message Broker" on page 20 are specifically based upon the functional capabilities of the WebSphere Message Broker. Rules and Formatter Extension This includes the Rules and Formatter Extension from New Era Of Networks that provides Rules and Formatter nodes and associated runtime elements. These maintain the functionality supplied with earlier releases of WebSphere MQ Integrator. The functionality provided by the Rules and Formatter Extension is not discussed any further in this chapter. 2.2.2 Capabilities of WebSphere Message Broker The primary capabilities of WebSphere Message Broker are message routing, message transformation, message enrichment, and publish/subscribe. These capabilities make WebSphere Message Broker a powerful tool for business integration.