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Environment preparation > Check the system requirements - Pg. 269

15.2.1 Verify the current environment Ensure that the current WebSphere MQ Integrator environment is functioning correctly before you begin the migration process. This will facilitate a smooth migration to WebSphere Message Broker V6.0. To verify the environment, review the job log for the WebSphere MQ Integrator broker task. In this case, the started task MQZ1BRK was checked to ensure that no errors were present. Also check the DB2 and WebSphere MQ job logs to ensure there are no errors. Resolve any errors that you encounter before you begin the migration. Any issues with the broker, DB2, or WebSphere MQ at WebSphere MQ Integrator V2.1 cause problems when migrating to WebSphere Message Broker V6.0. 15.2.2 Stop the broker Stop the broker before backing it up. This ensures that no changes occur between the backup being taken and the migration completion. Also, the broker must be stopped in order for the migration job to run. 15.2.3 Back up the broker