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Planning migration from WebSphere MQ Int... > Premigration planning - Pg. 96

As Table 6-6 indicates, all WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker V5.0 components can coexist or operate within a Message Broker V6.0 broker domain. This means that the Message Broker V5.0 components can be migrated in any order, and can be administered in the version 6.0 Message Brokers Toolkit. Note: The prerequisites for the Message Broker V6.0 Configuration Manager to manage a Message Broker V5.0 broker include: Message Broker V5.0 must be at least at fix pack 4. Message Broker V5.0 brokers must use a different database schema if they share a database with Message Broker V6.0 broker; that is they cannot use the same sets of database tables. Only function available at Message Broker V5.0 can be deployed to an Message Broker V5.0 broker; that is, new functionality introduced since Version 5.0 cannot be deployed. All the Message Broker V5.0 or 5.1 broker development resources can be used "as is" in the Message Broker V6.0 Toolkit with the exception of user-defined extensions and mapping files, which require further migration. Once resources are saved in the Message Broker V6.0 Toolkit, they can no longer be used in a Message Broker V5.0 or 5.1 Toolkit.