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Migrate the broker > Verify the migration - Pg. 478

Example 25-8 Expected broker startup messages +BIP9141I MQZ2BRK 0 THE COMPONENT WAS STARTED. : ImbControlService(744) +BIP9108I MQZ2BRK 0 BROKER SERVICE VALUE IS IMBSERV.V6R0M00.GOLD..... : ImbControlService(749) +BIP2001I MQZ2BRK 0 THE WEBSPHERE MESSAGE BROKERS SERVICE HAS STARTED AT VERSION 6000; PROCESS ID 852085. : ImbControlService(773) After the broker starts, any execution groups that were migrated also start. Check logs to ensure they succesfully start. The execution group logs should contain the information shown in Example 25-9. Example 25-9 Execution group start message +BIP2201I MQZ2BRK EG1 0 EXECUTION GROUP STARTED: PROCESS '84738167'; More startup information follows this message. After the execution group is successfully up and running, the final message is as shown in Example 25-10. Example 25-10 Execution group startup completion message