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Migrating the broker > Verifying the migration for Rules and Formatter Extensio... - Pg. 494

26.3.4 Verifying the migration for Rules and Formatter Extension If the new WebSphere Message Broker V6.0 is using the Rules and Formatter Extension, then perform the following steps: 1. Check the environment variable NNSY_ROOT by typing the following command in the command line: echo $NNSY_ROOT Set NNSY_ROOT to point to the root directory where the Rules and Formatter Extension is installed, if it does not already exist. For example, add the following line to the user profile: export NNSY_ROOT=/opt/IBM/rf41/rfe 2. Check the ODBC database settings. Refer to 26.2.2, "Updating ODBC settings" on page 487. The nnsyreg.dat sample file of New Era Of Networks is provided in the examples directory; for example: rfe_install_dir/rfe/examples/NNSYRF Check the differences between the current nnsyreg.dat file and the Message Broker V6.0 sample. Edit the nnsyreg.dat file and change the NNOT_SHARED_LIBRARY parameter in all sessions.