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Common Auditing and Reporting Service > Audit infrastructure - Pg. 208

6.1.4 XML output of native audit events When using native Tivoli Access Manager auditing, audit events are captured in the audit trail in a standard format using the Extensible Markup Language (XML) elements. XML is only an intermediary step to delivering a presentation view of the data. The XML file is in ASCII format and can be read directly or passed to other external parsing engines for further analysis. An entire audit trail does not represent a single XML document. Each audit event within the file is written as an isolated XML data block. Each data block conforms to the rules of standard XML syntax. 6.2 Common Auditing and Reporting Service Access Manager can be configured to send audit data to existing file-based audit subsystem, the Common Auditing and Reporting Service (CARS), or both. The Common Auditing and Reporting Service subsystem transports and stores audit events to a common audit database that can be used to support operational reports from Crystal Enterprise or any other reporting tool. Common Auditing and Reporting Service also provides the capability to stage audit data to customizable report tables.