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Installation overview > Installation methods - Pg. 72

and they forward the request on to the backend cluster that holds the information. Configuration improvements for the user registry When using previous versions of Access Manager with Directory Server, the configuration of the Access Manager Policy Server overwrote all ACL entries configured on existing suffixes. This means that if Access Manager was configured into an existing LDAP server where other applications were already configured, it could prevent them from functioning until the ACL entries were manually reinstated. This behavior has been changed for Access Manager v6.0. When configuring the Access Manager 6.0 Policy Server, new ACL entries are added to existing suffixes (to allow the Access Manager services to read and write data) but the existing entries are not modified. Those Access Manager-specific ACL entries for any LDAP are: cn=SecurityGroup,secAuthority=Default cn=ivacld-servers,cn=SecurityGroup,secAuthority=Default cn=remote-acl-users,cn=SecurityGroup,secAuthority=Default The new data model (called the minimal model) reduces the number of LDAP objects created per user (from a minimum of three to a minimum of two) and also removes all Access Manager-specific data from the public part of the LDAP directory (where the shared user and group objects are stored). The previous