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Core components > Plug-In for Edge Server - Pg. 40

2.2.5 Plug-In for Edge Server The Access Manager Plug-In for Edge Server is a plug-in for the Edge Server Caching Proxy component of the IBM WebSphere Edge Server. It adds Access Manager authentication and authorization capabilities to the proxy, and in certain scenarios it provides an alternative to WebSEAL for managing access to Web content and applications. While the Plug-In for Edge Server shares many of the same capabilities as WebSEAL, its configuration is different. However, architecturally, it fits into most Access Manager scenarios in the same manner as WebSEAL. Among other differences is one key differentiator between the plug-in and WebSEAL: the plug-in can be used in both forward and reverse proxy configurations, while WebSEAL only supports a reverse proxy. The plug-in also integrates with the IBM WebSphere Everyplace® Suite and supports forms-based login and Access Manager WebSEAL fail-over cookies. Figure 2-6 provides a simplified view of the Plug-In for Edge Server architecture used as a reverse proxy (a forward proxy scenario is virtually identical, except that the proxy operations are to the outside rather than back-end servers). Access