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The big picture and why you should care ... > Hardware infrastructure - Pg. 109

S oftware Infras tructure / m ec hanis ms toward A utomation TPM (Tivoli P rovisioning Mana ge r) O rc hes tration IBM DB2 Conte nt Ma nage r M etadata for OnDem and, Rec ord M anagem ent Team wide Collaboration, Content, V ideoCharger, Com m onS tore TPM (GUI) TSM (Tivoli S tora ge Mana ge r) HS M (sc heduled) T4 CM S ystem Administra tor Clie nt TSM & HSM (GUI) Pools TP C (Tivoli P roductivity Center) for data : M onitor, Reports for disk : M anage Disk for replic ation: M anage HW CopyS ervic es SMI-S for fabric : M anage SA N TP C (G UI) Figure 6-4 Software components