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Superuser authority > Managing UIDs - Pg. 88

3.1.6 Managing UIDs There have been enhancements to UID assignment in z/OS Version 1 Release 4. You may want to evaluate all of your current UID assignments. The changes in z/OS V1R4 are as follows: Prevention of shared UIDs and GIDs This support allows an installation to prevent more than one user from having the same UID. Using this support does not eliminate UIDs that are currently being shared, especially those that are UID(0). For more detail on prevention of shared UIDs, see 3.10.2, "Shared UID and GID prevention" on page 119. Automatic UID and GID assignment For non UID(0) users, you can have RACF choose the next available UID or GID. For more detail, see 3.10.1, "Automatic UID and GID assignment" on page 115. Search for users with the same UID z/OS V1R4 introduces a search for users with the same UID or GID. The RACF search command has the following changes to display user and group profiles with z/OS V1R4: User profiles that contain an OMVS UID equal to the UID you specify. Group profiles that contain an OMVS GID equal to the GID you specify. Search command examples The following commands are examples followed by the response: search class(group) gid(1) OMVSGRP