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z/OS UNIX System Services release history > OS/390 V2R4 - 1997 - Pg. 25

1.3.3 MVS/ESA V5R2M2 - 1995 Changes for MVS/ESA V5R2M2 include: DCE/DFS Extended Sockets - TCP/IP and SNA Standards: ­ POSIX, X/Open XPG4 Base Profile ­ A subset of the X/Open Single UNIX Specification 1.3.4 OS/390 V1R1 - 1996 Changes for OS/390 V1R1 include: Internet BonusPak - ICS 1.3.5 OS/390 V1R2 - 1996 Changes for OS/390 V1R2 include: Officially branded UNIX Internet BonusPak II - ICSS NFS Client UNIX-to-UNIX Copy Program (UUCP) Standards: ­ X/Open XPG4.2 UNIX specification ­ Improved performance 1.3.6 OS/390 V1R3 - 1997