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z/OS UNIX file systems > Start colony address spaces outside of JES - Pg. 438

FS type Description Module UDS ZFS Handles socket requests for the AF_UNIX address family of sockets. Handles Distributed File Service zSeries file system requests. BPXTUINT IOEFSCM 11.2.1 How to start colony address spaces To set up a physical file system in a colony address space, create a cataloged procedure in SYS1.PROCLIB to start the colony address space. The following is a sample entry to activate the physical file system NFS inside the colony address space called NFSCLNT. FILESYSTYPETYPE(NFS) ENTRYPOINT(GFSCINIT) ASNAME(NFSCLNT) Restriction: Some physical file systems cannot be initialized in colonies; for example, the INET or CINET sockets file systems and HFS. Important: The name of the procedure must match the name specified on an ASNAME operand on the FILESYSTYPE statement in BPXPRMxx that starts physical file systems in this colony address space. 11.2.2 Start colony address spaces outside of JES If you do not want colony address spaces to be started under JES (which is the default), you can change this by including the SUB=MSTR parameter with the ASNAME keyword, which is specified as follows: