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Activating z/OS UNIX in full function mo... > Step 1 - Create the OMVS procedure - Pg. 54

2.3.1 Step 1 - Create the OMVS procedure The OMVS cataloged procedure runs a program that initializes the kernel. The STARTUP_PROC statement in the BPXPRMxx PARMLIB member specifies the OMVS cataloged procedure. The default name is OMVS. Though not recommended, you can replace the OMVS procedure with a procedure that has a different name. If you use a started procedure other than OMVS, the replacement started procedure must also be a single jobstep procedure that invokes the BPXINIT program (EXEC PGM=BPXINIT). If it invokes any other program, OMVS initialization will fail. Create a JCL procedure for OMVS and place it in SYS1.PROCLIB (if it is not already there as a result of the z/OS installation process). The content of this started task (STC) member is shown in Figure 2-7. VIEW SYS1.PROCLIB(OMVS) - 01.01 Columns 00001 00072 Command ===> Scroll ===> CSR ****** ***************************** Top of Data ****************************** 000001 //OMVS PROC 000002 //OMVS EXEC PGM=BPXINIT,REGION=0K,TIME=NOLIMIT ****** **************************** Bottom of Data **************************** Figure 2-7 SYS1.PROCLIB(OMVS) Note: Program BPXINIT resides in SYS1.LINKLIB, so it will be found by default and no STEPLIB is required. Failure to create the OMVS procedure results in a JCL error during IPL, rendering z/OS UNIX