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Chapter 6: USS sysplex sharing > USS file system sharing implementation - Pg. 260

OMVS.TEST1.HFS 126 RDWR PATH=/SC63/tmp/test1 STATUS=ACTIVE LOCAL STATUS=ACTIVE OWNER=SC63 RECOVERY OWNER=SC63 AUTOMOVE=I PFSMOVE=Y TYPENAME=HFS MOUNTPOINT DEVICE= 72 MOUNTPOINT FILESYSTEM=/SC63/TMP ENTRY FLAGS=91000000 FLAGS=40000000 LFSFLAGS=00000000 LOCAL FLAGS=40000000 LOCAL LFSFLAGS=20000000 SYSLIST STS=00000000 SYSLIST VALID=00000000 INCLUDE SYSTEM LIST (2 SYSTEM(S) IN LIST): SC64 SC65 Figure 6-26 z/OS command to display the automove system list 6.5 Showing all USS file sharing structures for a system Figure 6-27 shows, for reference, all the USS file structures that are used in a USS sysplex sharing environment. OMVS.SYSPLEX.ROOT symlinks / symlinks symlinks REL14 SAMPLES BIN LIB USR OPT U $VERSION $SYSNAME DEV TMP VAR ETC SC64 $VERSION/samples $SYSNAME/tmp