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Installing DB2 Recovery Expert on AIX in... > Installing DB2 Recovery Expert on AI... - Pg. 30

7. When DB2 RE is ready to copy the files to the installation path, you must confirm the installation, as shown in Figure 3-8. In our example, notice that the /opt file system will be expanded. DB2 RE calculates the amount of space that it needs. If the installation path is not big enough, it expand it automatically. If you do not want DB2 RE to expand the installation file system, you can exit the installation process here. You can expand the installation path automatically, or you can find another location for the installation that has enough space. Then, you need to restart the installation. In our example, the installer expands the /opt file system. Note: You might wonder about the size of the installation, shown in Figure 3-8 as 154 MB. Part of the DB2 RE installation includes an Eclipse-based help system. The help is installed into a path named Eclipse301, which is one level up from the path that you specify. For example, in our case, the DB2 RE software is in /opt/IBM/DB2TOOLS/re/ and the help is /opt/IBM/DB2TOOLS/Eclipse301. The help consumes more space, so be sure to allow for that in your planning. You cannot choose to skip installing the help files. Click Next to proceed with the installation.