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Before you begin the installation proces... > DB2 configuration requirements - Pg. 21

Note: If you are installing DB2 Recovery Expert V2 over an existing version of DB2 Recovery Expert, there are special steps to take and considerations to examine. These steps are documented in IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms: User's Guide, SC18-956, which is available at: For this book, we start with DB2 Recovery Expert V2. Thus, we do not execute the special steps. 3.2.1 DB2 configuration requirements For a database to be fully recoverable via DB2 RE, the database must be enabled for log archiving. The following information about how to set the logging and performance parameters is copied directly from the IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms: User's Guide: These are the required settings in the DB2 database configuration parameters that ensure that Recovery Expert functions properly. If Recovery Expert is used to recover data from one database into another, the parameters must be set for both databases. In a DB2 multiple partition environment, you must apply these required settings to all partitions of the database. Refer to the IBM DB2 UDB Data Recovery and High Availability