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Chapter 6: Backing out insert, update, a... > Point-in-time recovery of a table af... - Pg. 124

6.1 Point-in-time recovery of a table after running DDL This section explains how to undo delete operations against the VPS.CAR table when DDL changes have occurred and possibly other SQL have run since the delete activity. 6.1.1 Prerequisites for this scenario This scenario uses the VPS database. The VPS.CAR table exists in the SMSDAT1 table space. This scenario requires the following: LOGRETAIN must be set to RECOVERY. Versioning Repository must have been updated or created since the last DDL was run. A full, offline backup with data for the object that you are recovering must exist. The ALID should be updated for DB2 Recovery Expert (DB2 RE) to determine the best option for recovery. If the ALID is not updated, then DB2 RE might not determine the optimal recovery path. Tip: We recommend that you update Versioning Repository every time you do