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Chapter 3: Installing and configuring DB... > Troubleshooting - Pg. 46

3.5 Troubleshooting This section highlights some issues that you might experience when installing DB2 RE. We do not attempt to solve each problem but rather point out where you should look first if you encounter an issue. 3.5.1 Troubleshooting the installation This section describes some of the typical or most common issues that you might encounter during the installation process. If you work through this section and continue to have issues with the installation, contact IBM Support. Permissions If you are installing on a UNIX system, check to be sure your install file has execute permissions. root and umask The install must be performed as root, and it must have a umask setting of 022. You can verify this with the umask command. Java issues Java issues include the following: ­ Ensure that your DB2 instance is enabled for Java. For more information,