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Gateway > Gateway log files - Pg. 151

Check the value for the Database.JDBC.Datasource.Name property in the file that is located at the lib directory of the HCN Administrative Server installation directory. The value should be set to jdbc/HCNDS. 5.2 Message Flow server The HCN Message flow server, similar to the WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker product on which it is based, requires very little administration. 5.2.1 Log files The HCN Message flow server creates two log file in the C:\HCN directory. These files should be checked when troubleshooting problems in the HCN system. A procedure should be put in place to archive these log files on a regular basis to avoid them from taking up too much space on the file system. The logFiler capability of the Message Flow Server creates message logs for each publisher gateway, and provides the capability to transfer those message logs to the Administrative Server. The procedure for setting up this capability in the HCN Message Flow Server Installation Guide describes how to configure the