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Chapter 6: Privacy and security > Introduction to privacy and security - Pg. 166

6.1 Introduction to privacy and security If you take a rather over simplified view of HCN, you describe it as a system for routing healthcare messages from one point to another. However, for this seemingly simple function work in a healthcare environment, the messages must be secure, and you must ensure that patient's privacy is not compromised. Participants in HCN have to access and process healthcare information with patient personal data such as medical history and hospital discharge records. HCN enforces privacy and security rules making sure that data is not only securely transmitted but also that each participant receives only the appropriate level protected health information they are authorized to receive. HCN privacy and security implementation is based on the following identified classes for the protection of patient information: Privacy Confidentiality is the protection of information so that unauthorized people, resources, and processes cannot access that information. In Healthcare, we include under confidentiality the ability to protect the patient's privacy by providing information in an anonymous way, so that some users have access to clinical information without knowing to whom that information refers. Security