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Preface - Pg. ix

Preface The IBM® WebSphere® Business Integration for Healthcare Collaborative Network is a health information infrastructure for interconnecting and coordinating the delivery of information to participants in the collaborative network electronically. Data source organizations, such as hospitals, physicians, and clinics, generate and communicate clinical data to data review organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies and government healthcare agencies. Healthcare Collaborative Network provides a real-time, secure, and reliable electronic infrastructure for collaboration between the two types of organizations. By enabling immediacy and the ability to securely disseminate clinical health data, Healthcare Collaborative Network solutions participants can respond rapidly to health risks such as adverse drug effects, to manage quality of care, and implement monitoring and warning system for detecting the onset of dangerous infectious diseases or bioterrorism attack. Healthcare Collaborative Network supports all this while improving operating efficiencies in these organizations. If you are a solution architect or a consultant or if you have the responsibility to