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Installation requirements and prerequisites > Software prerequisites - Pg. 66

HCN Gateway The minimum requirements for the Gateway are: Processor: an IBM xSeries and Intel-based dual processor system (or equivalent) with a minimum processor speed of 2.4 GHz Minimum memory requirements: 2 GB Minimum DASD requirements: 108 GB For high availability: ­ (1) Mirrored 18 GB boot disk ­ (1) Mirrored 2 x 36 GB shared disk Additional high-availability hardware requirements: ­ Microsoft certified cluster machine ­ Shared disk subsystem with RAID 3.2.2 Software prerequisites The HCN components (administration server, message flow server, the AGPI server and the gateways) were built using a number of IBM and non-IBM applications. These applications form the set of prerequisite software that you must install and configure appropriately before you can proceed with the