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1.1 IBM Professional Certification Program Having the right skills for the job is critical in the growing global marketplace. IBM Professional Certification, designed to validate skill and proficiency in the latest IBM solution and product technology, can help provide that competitive edge. The IBM Professional Certification Program Web site is available at: The Professional Certification Program from IBM offers a business solution for skilled technical professionals seeking to demonstrate their expertise to the world. The program is designed to validate your skills and demonstrate your proficiency in the latest IBM technology and solutions. In addition, professional certification may help you excel at your job by giving you and your employer confidence that your skills have been tested. You may be able to deliver higher levels of service and technical expertise than non-certified employees and move on a faster career track. Professional certification puts your career in your control. The certification requirements are difficult, but it is not overwhelming either. It is a rigorous process that differentiates you from everyone else. The mission of IBM Professional Certification is to: