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Establish an Integrated 3270 Console ses... > Establish an Integrated 3270 Console... - Pg. 2

1.1 Installation from DVD Installation from DVD is now possible with z/VM 5.1. You can either use the Hardware Management Console (HMC) equipped with a DVD drive, or a workstation with a DVD drive accessible over FTP. DVD installation requires IBM Hardware Management Console Version, 1.8.0 or later. For details on installing z/VM 5.1 from DVD, consult z/VM: Guide for Automated Installation and Service, GC24-6099. 1.2 First level installation from DVD In this section, we describe first level z/VM 5.1 installation from DVD. The steps involve: 1. Establish an Integrated 3270 Console session 2. Access the primary Support Element 3. Load the z/VM 5.1 RAMDISK 4. IPL the RAMDISK 5. IPL the installed z/VM 5.1 system 6. Apply the Recommended Service Upgrade