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Installation steps > Installation steps - Pg. 24

Note: Emulated FBA SCSI disks can also be defined using z/VM's Hardware Configuration Manager (HCM) and Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) support. For details, see z/OS and z/VM: Hardware Configuration Manager User's Guide, SC33-7989 and z/VM: I/O Configuration, SC24-6100. To create an emulated FBA device for an FCP-attached SCSI disk, we need to supply: The Worldwide Port Name (WWPN) used to access the SCSI disk The Logical Unit Number (LUN) address of the SCSI disk The FCP device number used access the SCSI disk An emulated device number to access the emulated FBA disk Table 1-1 contains the information need to define four emulated FBA devices for installing z/VM 5.1. Table 1-1 SCSI disks used for z/VM 5.1 installation Device number Volume 510RES WWPN 5005076300C19589 LUN FCP 5300000000000000 B000 Emulated 5300