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Chapter 2: Networking enhancements for z... > Configuring a Layer 2 VSWITCH in Lin... - Pg. 45

QUERY VMLAN VMLAN maintenance level: Latest Service: Base VMLAN MAC address assignment: MACADDR Prefix: 02EEEE MACIDRANGE SYSTEM: 100000-1FFFFF USER: 000000-000000 VMLAN default accounting status: SYSTEM Accounting: OFF USER Accounting: OFF VMLAN general activity: PERSISTENT Limit: INFINITE Current: 1 TRANSIENT Limit: INFINITE Current: 0 Figure 2-7 The QUERY VMLAN command 2.7.2 Assigning a specific MAC address Use the MACID operand of the NICDEF statement to assign a specific MAC address to a guest. During LOGON, three byte MACID is appended to the system three byte MACPREFIX to form a unique MAC Address for the NIC. If omitted, CP generates a unique MAC from the range specified in the VMLAN statement.