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Import the completed sample code > Download sample application code - Pg. 271

choose to import the complete Java source and explain the key parts of this source code. Note: This approach is described in Chapter 11, "Application development" on page 279. Create all samples from scratch. This approach is beyond the scope of this book. This section describes how to import the completed ITSO Mobile Adjuster example project interchange file ( for the server-side and client-side application components into Rational Software Architect. Complete the following steps to prepare the environment: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Download sample application code. Create a new workspace. Import the application project interchange file. Create a new server. Clean build. 10.5.1 Download sample application code Appendix E, "Additional material" on page 503, describes how to download and unpack the ITSO sample code for this book. After unpacking the ITSO sample code, you will have a C:\6775code directory containing the ITSO MobileAdjuster sample source files and deployable artifacts. 10.5.2 Create a new workspace While writing this book, we found that it was necessary to restart Rational Software Architect (or Rational Application Developer) after creating a new workspace. After creating a new workspace, the WebSphere Everyplace Client Toolkit detects the workspace and prompts you to add the bundles. After the bundles have been registered, we recommend that you restart Rational Software Architect to properly pick up the registered bundles. 1. Launch Rational Software Architect and create a new workspace (for example, c:\workspace). 2. Close the Welcome screen. 3. When prompted with Do you want to automatically set the Preferences for the WebSphere Everyplace Client Toolkit?, click OK. Chapter 10. Development environment installation 271